Quanah Parker Blanco Canyon Texas 1871
QUANAH PARKER Comanche War Chief
Quanah Parker leads a band of Comanche's in a raid on the U.S. Army Cavalry at
Blanco Canyon Texas in 1871. It was the first time he was reported seen by whites. He
was 23 years old. The raid was done in the middle of the night. All of the army's
horses and other live stock were turned loose and stampeded. The Comanche's took
as many horses as they could handle and scattered the others. It was a very
successful raid for the Comanche's. It could have been  a disaster for the cavalry.
Quanah Parker, Great Chief of the
Comanche Warrior relaxing in camp
A Comanche warrior, relaxing in camp. The Comanche's had fun in their camps.
They sang songs and danced around the fires every night.
Comanche War Chief collects passage payment
A Comanche War Chief rides out to collect fees from a wagon train
passing through the Comancheria. The Comanche's expected to be
paid with horses. A Chief's wealth was measured by the number of
horses he owned.
NATIVE AMERICANS  Original Sketches
Slovenly Comanche
A slovenly Comanche. The Comanche's had a reputation for being slovenly and nasty -
even among the other Indians.  They were short, thick set people. With that said - they
were the finest horsemen, of all the plains Indians.
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Comanche horse trader.
Lakota Sioux warrior.
Lakota Sioux woman.
A mountain camp.
Comanche buffalo hunter.
Quanah Parker in later life as a
wealthy rancher in Oklahoma.
Courageous one.
Quanah Parker circa1875